Saturday, November 24, 2007

Yeah, still here, procrastaknitting. Sorry for the huge delay in getting the pictures out there, but you understand. Right? Okay, the little red skirt was a hit with little Miss Lizbet, so now the black and red tank is on the needles to match. The Malabrigo, well that showed up in a care package from Mom, yarn I had ordered from Jimmy Beans Wool back in August that didn’t get to Washington before I left. I wound up one ball, and perused my pattern binder-visions of a shawl-y thing for Jadine in order to keep my end of the deal-she made me a gorgeous quilt earlier this year. I started using the Kat Coyle pompom awning pattern from Greetings from the Knit CafĂ© – I’ll save final decision making until I’ve finished at least one lace pattern repeat. The socks are progressing; one is a footie, the other an anklet. The brown Fancy Image Yarn is being worked with leftover Sockotta sock yarn from Eli last year-I am cutting my teeth on the syncopated caps pattern from the Spring (or was it Summer?) issue of Interweave knits. Not sure of how far this one will make it before it is retired, because it has already caused some cursing and frogging that was undeserved.
So, there it all is, my recent knitting adventure/attempts in one quickie paragraph. And now here’s the pictures….

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