Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hoodie and the Blowsocks

The hoodie. The hoodie. The hoodie is not much more than that, but it is done-minus sleeves. Still holding a personal debate-if I make it short sleeved, I can wear it right now, while I am down here. If I make it long sleeved, it will have to be stored until January when I return to the states, because a long sleeved alpaca mohair hoodie just doesn’t fly in South American summer weather. As it is, short sleeves will only work at night. Then I was thinking, hmmm, I wonder if there’s a way I can make it short sleeved, but leave the option to add sleeves once I get home-what do you think?
As for those stinking socks, I pulled them out of the drawer of pretend-its-done, and I will turn the heel on the second sock today. I promised myself. Still on the lookout for the mohair leaves scarf, and that Van Dam cadet hat is nearly done-thanks to two hours on a bus with nothing to pay attention to except yet another of Jean Claude’s terrible kung fu faux movies. But, I think I figured out why he is so popular down here-it is because his movies are severely lacking in intelligent conversation, which cuts down on the amount of translation that need to happen-grunts, flesh slapping, and severe stares are the same in every language.

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Jenni said...

So I heard you were going to name your first born son after that famous this true?