Monday, October 22, 2007

toe-up socks

Just thinking about the fact that I managed to get two projects off the needles in the last week made me itch to cast on more. I know, I know, I just cast on for another of the cadet hats, but I found a pattern for toe up socks on Knitty, and wanted to cut my teeth on something new. So, I whipped out that lovely Panda Cotton that was part of my JBW prize pack, some size1 needles, and started reading the pattern. WHAT? Who has two size 1 circulars in their travel needles collection? Definitely not me. So, I had to do some revamping. I worked a nice little Turkish Cast on to double points, then fudged the sides a tad to be able to follow the increases the pattern calls for. Well, I got to the sixty stitches the pattern called for, and that barely fit over my three middle toes, so I worked in two more rounds of increases on the sides in addition to the increases in the middle. Now I was up 76 stitches, and that looked about right. Time to start the second sock so that one doesn’t feel lonely without her partner. I am feeling very successful right about now, since I managed to knit the beginnings of two socks, as well help Cecie choose a pattern for her first knitting project. Thank goodness I brought the big old binder of patterns, because I happened to have just what she was looking for. Perfect.

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Jenni said...

Check out what I found!!! Oh how I love the internet!!!