Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Washclothes, and pictures.

It dawned on me last night, as I was wiping soap out of my eyes with my TurbiTwist, that I should probably have a washcloth. So I asked Cecilia if there were any washclothes. Any what? was the answer I got. Nevermind, I´ll solve this problem myself rather than try to translate it into Spanish. I think I remember reading a pattern for a washcloth, since I can´t seem to find one at the tables in the market. But can I use Cotton-Ease?, or Cotton Fleece?, which are the only two cottons I brought with me, aside from the manos del uruguay, which is a bit too expensive for facecloths. In anycase, I am spending precious nuevo sols to surf the internet for washcloth patterns that I can copy down longhand into my notebook, because my beautiful house doesn´t have internet and the internet cafe doesn´t have a printer.
Take a look at the little Flickr picture spread right over there--------------------------------->
I added the pink bonnet, and if the rest of my photos finish downloading I can squeeze some pictures of works in progress here.


Jenni said...

Love it! Love you! What the hell can I say I am in a loving mood!!!!

joanna said...

what an extraordinary adventure! i applaud your initiative and energy! (your patterns are pretty cool too) i'll check back, having stumbled on this blog in linkage from a search for aghans for afghans patterns and info...enjoy!