Tuesday, September 11, 2007

the universal language: yarn

I didn´t do as much knitting on the plane as I had planned, but the first leg of the trip I was quite literally crammed into a window seat alongside a portly gentlemen with a slight tendency to hog the armrest, and periodically elbow me in the ribcage when he adjusted to get the stewardess´s attention. I did however, manage to get a bit done on the second sock (I would insert a picture here, but plugging in my USB card disables the mouse on this computer(?)) I have also finished the body of the messenger bag, and have moved onto the flap-I may actually run out of the two green yarns, so modifications will definately be made. I also knit up an entire baby bonnet, the one from knitting for two(?) by Erika Knight (I think). That quick little project happened because the night I arrived in Guadalupe Peru, Dona Juana was sitting on the couch, crocheting. CROCHET? What happened to knitting with the tejadoras of Peru? In any case, I whipped out my socks, and she promptly began inviting in passerbys to look at the American, knitting. Then she asked to see my yarn. Oh, my yarn. Well, for starters, the duffel bag I used to carry my yarn and binder of patterns was larger than the one I brought with all my clothing, shoes, and toiletries. Almost the entire prize pack from Jimmy Beans Wool, two of those enormous wheels of green, half a dozen skeins of the red alpaca I purchased down here in March, and so on and so forth. Dona saw the pink cotton (algodon) tucked in the bottom of a ziploc bag (left overs from another project, the yarn Jenni and I dyed last year, or the year before), and wanted to see what it looked like, knit. She then browsed through my binder, and saw the bonnet, and the next evening I was binding off the garter stitch ties (to replace the satin ribbon that I probably couldn´t buy down here even if I could say it in Spanish) Yeah, I can whip a bonnet out while sitting on cement benches in the dance hall watching my new amigito Kevin(pronounced Kay-beeen) at marinera dance lessons. All of my yarn is still spread out on one of the living room couches, because when a new friend comes to visit, Dona shows them what the Amerian brought, instead of clothes.
More later, and possibly pictures since Jenni was kind enough to lend me a digital for this trip, and if I can find a computer that doesn´t shut down when I use my USB card.

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