Monday, September 17, 2007

felting without a machine?

I am nearly finished with the messenger bag, just doing the strap right now, when I realized that the Washing Machine doesn´t have hot water-only agua fria here. So, what then? Use the teakettle and boil water, dump it in the sink and stir for hours? Help, someone, please!
I am currently playing with my mohair collection- I knit about eight inches of a scarf from last summers Vogue Knitting-one they knit in white mohair with different shades of green wool leaves orderly throughout-I am using my own koolaid-dyed dusty green and blue mohair, with peasoup green wool leaves randomly throughout. I am teaching Rosita how to knit, and she wanted to learn how to make a shawl (by the way, it´s the same in Spanish, just pronounced differently), so I am making mine out of red/orange mohair (another KoolAid Dye), and she is using acrilico purchased at the mercado. So, my time is about out here at the internet cafe, pictures forthcoming, I promise (once I figure out my flickr and photobucket accounts!)

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Heather said...

Pictures, YAY pictures, lets have lots & lots of pictures please!
mucho amore,