Saturday, August 18, 2007

pattern link!!

here it is, the LINK of all LINKS-my pattern, published on Jimmy Beans Wool free pattern website.

check it out, you can purchase the yarn directly from the website, and because it will be felted you can take it with you and not even worry about those little mistakes that may sneak in.


EllenEm said...

Congrats on winning the Contest..

I found the pattern.. then I found your blog.. I am looking forward to giving it a try... I'm very new but determined..
.. it is beautiful..

PS.. are you selling the pattern for those very colourful booties?? I love them.. and I need them.. and I want them... so. any direction in that area would be greatly appreciated..

Hannah said...

Hey - you did it! Yeah!! It looks like an awesome pattern. Good job! :-) Thanks for the comment on my own blog. I am really liking Ravelry. The couple who is putting it together are getting close to going live with it, so if you don't get an ivite soon, you 'll be able to hop on there anyway by the end of September. It's great! Hannah

Emano said...

Congratulations! Like Ellenem, I found the pattern which led me here. It a beautiful bag-- and I love the color.