Monday, May 21, 2007

gorgeous fabulous greenery

so yesterday, I wandered into Diva Yarn in Port Townsend to get some knitting advice for the mohair hoodie I am making from the knowledgeable Teresa, and she attempted to entice me with skeins of great green yarn (my constant indulgence). Beautiful, but I don't have much a yarn budget these days for 110 yard skeins at twelve dollars a pop. After the trip to the LYS, I made a run to the Goodwill in search of the perfect bookshelf for my miniscule bedroom-no shelves, but I did sneak to the yarn corner. AHHHHH, what have we here? Four gigantic enormous bigger-than-my-head balls of green wool in a bag, FOR 5.99 !!!!! It is definately wool, four shades ranging from celery to hunter, and screaming from its current location in the trunk of my car for an immediate meeting with my needles, once I make it back home to Olympia. Fate, yarn style. Sometimes waiting is the best thing to do...and shop thrift stores for these lucky finds.

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