Friday, May 18, 2007

procrastinating, procrastaknitting

ahh, school, 3 jobs, pretending to be a knitter? I have been doing it all, and forgetting to post about it, so since christmas (my last post) here's a rundown of projects and adventures. Month of March-went to Peru to admire the local yarn and knitters (they are so quick with those dpn's!) bought way too much alpaca and had to purchase another duffel bag to bring it all home in, but you can't beat the prices when you buy direct from the farm in peru. Did you know that they marry their alpacas to one another in order to guarantee long productive lives and softer fleece?
I've been making lots and lots of children/baby clothes, hats and booties, since two siblings and 7 friends have delivered little bundles of joy between february and now~no joke. currently working on a mohair hoodie for myself, using some of the skeins and skeins of cascade leisure I purchased last year when it went off the shelves~although this has taken a back seat to a baby shrug for my next niece to be (using the leaves pattern from the wrap skirt in summer 07 interweave)
More later, with pictures, but have to get cracking on the homework(with my needles at my elbow for when there is nothing to do but read)

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