Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the problem with knitting

(the overflowing yarn tower in my personal knitting corner...the rest is stashed under the bed)
Everyday, I work on my current project (the mohair hoodie) to some degree. More often then not, I spend about an hour a day looking through patterns and books for inspiration for the next project. Usually, I start this new project just to see if my ideas will work out. THE PROBLEM IS: I currently have 14 (no lie) projects waiting on needles, AND ALL I WANT TO DO IS GO TO THE YARN STORE FOR MORE PROJECT IDEAS!!!!! When does this cycle stop? never.... no matter how many baby sweaters I finish, someone else announces they are expecting; if I make a particularly stylish hat for one person, there are six more coveting the same hat; if I take a break from gift knitting to make something for myself, the masses are up in arms about their lack of handknit items with my cutesy label on them. I at one point entertained ideas of knitting up a backstock of gifts to have on hand at a moments notice, but usually by the time I am weaving in ends there is someone to gift it to. AHHHH, there is no end......but I still love to knit, and try to learn something new as often as possible.

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Happy Hooker said...

How about some pictures of all the fabulous projects your working on!!!