Wednesday, April 4, 2012

the Easter outfit

I finished knitting Sureya's Easter sweater. For the second time. The first one wasn't nearly as cute as the current one, and in her own spazzy little way, Sureya kind of chose the one that I am making. I was initially working on a bolero type sweater, an old Debbie Bliss pattern that I found online and it was taking FOREVER to finish. In my 7+ years of knitting I have learned many things, but the one thing that I always seem to ignore is whether or not I am really excited about a project. If I LOVE LUV love a project, I can't sleep until its done. If I am kind of ehh about a project, I let it sit in the project basket for months. That is what kind of what was happening with the first Easter sweater, 2 months in and still not done with a baby sweater? ridiculous, I know. But last week I was holding a sleepy Sureya and forcing myself to knit this sweater when the phone rang. Naturally, I moved the knitting to the same hand that was holding Sureya and answered the phone with the other hand. I was looking away and could feel Sureya wiggling about, but I was trying to see the calendar on the wall without getting out of the rocking chair. Well, my clever little darling was sliding the stitches one by one off the end of the needle with her tiny fingers, and using her foot to apply pressure to the dropped stitches to create some really giant ladders. Yes, she did it all on her own. I looked at the stitch marker swinging on one of the ladders, realized I didn't care, and then frogged the entire thing with a little help from the little one. Now, where is the rambling story going and how did Sureya choose the current sweater pattern, you ask? Well, ten minutes later we are standing in front of a bookcase where I am choosing a bedtime story for her while she is using her new-found grabbing powers to pull my knitting magazines off the other shelves. I watched them thud, and then flutter open to various pages-where I of course saw a cute simple little raglan that shows off the yarn more than the shaping-perfect for this bright Fancy Image yarn. And ta-da, the First Easter sweater was born!
As for the rest of her Easter outfit, we in Washington are often fooled by the Easter advertisements of adorable pastel Spring-ish dresses and tend to overlook the reality that it will probably rain, it likely rained the day before, and the temperature will never rise above 60. Dresses, tights and white shoes are a ridiculous way to dress a little girl who will likely be cold, wet, and muddy while hunting eggs-and what BABY needs all of that? Well, I have this old jacket that was ruined by bleach that I saved because of its awesome white faux fur interior-and this will become bunny pants for my little bunny.
Check back next week for pictures, I am only awake right now because I am waiting for Sureya's diapers in the washing machine....

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Can't wait to see it!