Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas in Port Orchard

on Friday, December 4th my sister and I set up a table full of our knit and crochet projects to sell during their annual holiday bazaar at the Festival of Chimes and Lights . Granted, on a Friday morning there are not many shoppers clamoring to get buy knit mittens, but it was nice to meet so many other crafters and see what they had created....I saw a few things I could probably make myself! Anything that doesn't sell will probably become Christmas gifts....or I could commit myself to photographing and listing on my Etsy page. Tomorrow marks one year as a member, and I have not listed one stinking thing! Sooner or later, someone will pick up on my hints that I need a new digital camera so I can actually photography and download immediately, not photography, develop, copy to cd, dowload to computer, then use. steps, paso a paso!

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