Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rib and Cable Socks

For the record, I finished the socks last night. But it was too late to run to the internet café and share my joy with you-I was content just to tuck them away in my basket of {completed in Peru}. Just so you know, though, the date stamp on the photo is correct, no kidding, my conscience forced me to complete at least one of the projects I posted for you to all see. And I even managed to turn the heel on BOTH of Paul’s socks last night. Cheers to me!!
Pattern: Interweave Spring 2005
Yarn: FancyImageYarns Superwash Fingering Weight Yarn

Today I am hopping on the bus to Cajamarca to check out Los Baños del Inca (Hot Springs where the Incas camped out hundreds of years ago while waiting for the Spaniards to arrive in the town of Cajamarca-Incas 1, Spaniards 0)
I am taking the red scarf and Paul´s socks. They will both be finished by the time I get back on Saturday night (fingers crossed)

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