Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

I WON!!!!
(insert happy dance here)
I won the Jimmy Beans Wool pattern submission contest! This news is totally 12 hours old, but I've had one of those days, and it nearly slipped my mind to put the good news out on Procrastaknitter-I had to take a study break from my studies to clear my head of linguistic jargon and peruse the pages of JBW to decide what patterns I'll spend my store credit on. (happy dance) I've narrowed it down to just patterns, since there is already so much yarn in the prize pack, and I definately won't have a shortage of yarn in Peru-but I could potentially run out of ideas for knitting. (still doing the happy dance) The pattern will not be available online until next week, but yayYAYyay, my pattern will be online next week. Next stop, the moon!
(happy dance my a** off)
I'd be posting pictures of the happy dance, but unfortunately someone saw fit to enter our little home on Sunday, and stole my brand new camera. My two week love affair is over. And now I have to use even more of my scholarship money to go purchase another camera before I leave in four weeks. Sad.
(but I'm still happy dancing)

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