Saturday, August 25, 2007

for Ellenem?

my dear, your blog is set to private, so I couldn't reply to your comment on a previous post-the bootie pattern is not my own, but a revision from the natural knits for babies book. Mine were made following the boy version of the pattern, taking out the ankle drawstring, and on the green/brown pair doing everything below the instep in contrast color, then picking up and knitting three stitches from the inside and knitting a strap to go over the top of the foot, securing it in place with a button. very quick to knit - the multi colored ones were knit while I was sitting in traffic on the Broadway Bridge in Portland OR.
Because of copyright laws, I can't reprint the pattern from the book for you. Sorry. But your local library may have a copy. good luck with the booties, melissa

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EllenEm said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!..... LOL. I will go to Amazon.. one of my favourite places.. and check out the book..
.. thanks for the response too.. :)
.. that boot is so cute..