Saturday, February 18, 2012

ok, for reals now!

Here is actual proof of what I have completed in the last few weeks:

The scarf made it through 45 days before I needed to repeat a yarn-what that means, folks, is that I have at least 22 shades of green AND 22 shades of blue yarn stashed away in my house. Yes, stashbusting was a necessary evil.

The diaper cover is a bit too large for Sureya right now, but I loved knitting the yarn- it's the Stitch Nation full o' sheep from Red Heart Yarn. Not too scratchy, AWESOME colors, and super-economically priced- LOVE it...(and the pattern is super simple, just a triangle with ribbing added on to all sides)

I am still working on a shrug made with the Fancy Image yarn that Myra sent us back in December, and I have one of my socks finished, and I need to start a sweater for my cousin Lesly's baby-Mikey-to-be, and I have a newborn. She sleeps REALLY well during the daytime, while I am at work, according to the babysitter. When I am around, she apparently can't sleep.


justjenn said...

I am amazed that you get any knitting done at all.

procrastaknitter said...

Yeah, I try to work in some knitting minutes eac day to keep my sanity. I may not shower or wash dishes, but I get some knitting done!