Monday, December 5, 2011

Due Date #1 {and still waiting............}

Today, December 5th, was one of my two due dates. Apparently it was not the due date that Sureya agreed with. She has been shifting lower and lower, my hips feel like they've moved out about 12 inches, and even walking miles on the treadmill does nothing to speed things up. In any case, all of this waiting has not been in vain. For starters, underneath the sinks in my house there is such precise organization that even the different types of dental floss have their own individual spots and the plastic bags are seperated by store that they came from. I have nearly perfected the art of mass diaper making, and have been using online patterns to make different types so that I can try them out with Sureya once she arrives and figure which ones I need to make more of. (by the way, diaper sewing comes with casualties, such as my thumb) I finally put buttons on the sweaters, and added a clever fold over hem to the sleeves of the Baby Surprise Jacket. I also made another hat to match the BSJ, complete with a flower that looks NOTHING like the pattern that I started with- maybe I am not so much of a flower-knitting person. In any case, here is the past week or so in pictures... (Jenn, hopefully this is the last post that will include the doll)

Here's all the patterns that I used to make the things you see in these pictures....
Multi-colored sweaters- Maile, and Baby Surprise Jacket
Turqoise diaper- Little Green Bear Fitted Diaper, size M
Purple hat-Heartbreakingly Cute Pilot Hat (mods: I used garter stitch instead of seed stitch)

Now, everyone cross your fingers that this is the last post that I have time to do before my little ball of yarn unravels herself from my insides and makes her debut!

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justjenn said...

I cannot wait to see your creations on Miss Sureya. You can burn that fake baby once she arrives.