Friday, August 5, 2011

really still here!

Okay, so this is not necessarily the most flattering photo of any of us, but that is me, my cousin Jenn, and my sister Jenni knitting (and crocheting) together at Mom's house last weekend. I am working on my self-designed cardigan, Jenn was knitting a headband (she already finished it) and Jenni was crocheting a hat (she already finished 4 of them). My project is definitely more labor intensive, but it has been about the only thing I have worked on in the last 3 months with any regularity. Well, the cardigan and my new found need to make a quilt out of all of my scrap's some pictures of my progress:

This has been a true labor of indecision, because I wasn't sure of how I wanted the cardigan to look, exactly, and spent some deciding on the pattern, the lace, and the lace placement. It's almost done, my goal is to finish by next weekend. Cross your fingers for me!


justjenn said...

AND the color is gorgeous in person. Thank you for helping me out with my knitting. I'm sending a headband up to Alaska next week. :)

procrastaknitter said...

of course, and I only wish you could have seen my house while you were here, with an entire room just for crafty-ness! By the way, I am doing a knit along project,, and you may like the project too- it will be my first lace knit shawl, but I loved all the versions that I saw and decided to try it out.