Monday, January 10, 2011

crocheted cowl...and then the doll

I made myself a little something. It's crocheted, and utterly easy even for a beginning crocheter like myself-I actually have already started on the next one! This is my new accessory of choice, since winter in the Northwest can't decide if it wants to get started, or be over with and I am tired of picking my scarf fringes out of my zipper. Here's the pattern. Mine was made from Bernat Mosaic in color Ninja, and the next one is being worked with Lion Brand Amazing in color Arcadia.

I also finished that reversible Cinderella doll I had been working on for Akira-it turned out so cute that I wish there was more princesses with multiple personalities so that I could knit them, too!

and then here's another nephew,Levi, sporting his green striped Christmas hat-they all turned out so darn cute!

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