Monday, December 27, 2010

until next year, Christmas knitting projects....

Whew, I am glad that is over! Not that I don't absolutely love the holidays, but now I can return to knitting for knittings sake and not for gifting sake! The holidays flew by in a blur of glitter and tissue paper and way too many cookies, and now it's time to get back down to business. My goal for the next year is to be more successful with my Etsy page, and start selling instead of knitting and squirreling away my projects until the next birthday, baby shower, or gifting opportunity.

As for all those projects I knitted up for holiday gifts, they were well received and much loved, immediately. On Christmas Day I had to pass out all the gift boxes to my nieces and nephews at the same time, and then let them open them up together so that no one saw what they were getting before they managed to get their gift. The little ones were of course the cutest, yanking on their cat hats and wearing them the remainder of the morning, and the older girls looked so much older in their berets. The boys were absolutely certain that I had used lots of green yarn in their hats, but explaining self striping yarn to an 8 year old and a 10 year old is nearly impossible. On Christmas Eve I whipped out a quick beanie in blue Sprout cotton yarn and silver Vannas Choice, because my brother informed me that his girlfriend and her 5 year old daughter would be celebrating Christmas with us, and I didn't want Trinity left out of the little kids Christmas hat frenzy.

My sister Jenni gave me my own yarn swift for Christmas, and some yarn (easily the best gift of all), so now I need to find a table clamp and take the swift out for a spin. She also crocheted up the Convertible Cowl for our youngest sister, which I absolutely loved, and just last night I braved the day-after-Christmas crowds and bought myself a crochet hook so that I can give this project a try.

Once I have had the time to go through Christmas pictures and find ones of the kids modeling their new hats, I will get them posted.

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