Wednesday, September 8, 2010

another pictureless post

I don't have time to upload the pictures right now, but if you are on ravelry you can check out the Sakura hat that I just finished over the holiday weekend. By the light of the fire, and sometimes my headlamp, I decided that I love the colors in this yarn even if the striping slightly obscures the flower pattern at the top. I couldn't finish it completely while camped out in the woods with the family because I had forgotten my darning needle, but it is done now and I only have to wait until October to gift it to my darling princess niece the third for her birthday. I may even run out and buy another skein to make her some matching mittens, but I am not yet sure about that! She asked specifically for a hat and a bag, but the bag requires the sewing machine that is currently buried underneath the pants project I just started.....
In other crafty endeavors, I went by Shipwreck Beads on my way to visit some friends and bought some fantastic blue glass beads and sterling silver fish in order to make the "river" bracelet idea that I have had swimming around my head for awhile-I'll show you how that one turns out!

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