Thursday, July 15, 2010

so many plans...

in the midst of all my sporadic cleaning and organizing over the past week, I started noticing how many printouts of knitting patterns I was coming across. Not just a few, but A LOT. I already have two 2-inch binders and one 1-inch binder full of organized patterns, but as I collected the ones that were folded up inside project bags, or under the couch, or in my magazine basket, I realized I may have a bit more than I originally thought. I ran out yesterday afternoon and bought a package of 25 sheet protectors, assuming that would be enough to continue my careful pattern of organization in the binders.
This is how many patterns I have:

That is THREE 2-inch binders, one 1-inch binder, and a flexible binder full of patterns not even in the shiny sheet protector.
Do you see what I mean by by so much yarn, so many ideas, so little knitting?
I mean, what was I thinking? that I would actually have time to make all of these? or that I would remember why it was that I printed off a certain pattern anyways?
So again, today, armed with another package of sheet protectors, I will finish this project.
and maybe do some knitting.

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