Friday, June 18, 2010

Recently, I have been...

attending many work related trainings that provide for ample time to knit! On June 7th, I knit a pair of the house slippers from Knit2Together. On June 8, I worked one half of the Baby Surprise Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman. Yesterday, I finished one Cropped Baby Shrug during a morning training as a gift for my niece Hannah, and then went directly to Fancy Image Yarn in Shelton as soon as I got off work and bought another skein of her incomparable DK yarn in the Oregon Ducks colorway. During a meeting this afternoon where my client and I waited around for another case manager I had time to cast on and knit about 15 rounds on a hat using that yarn. All these months I have been lamenting my lack of knitting time while working (I know, boo hoo, some people have jobs where you can never knit) and I get an inundation of time to finish lots of fun new project.
As soon as I can download some pics, I will. (including some more of Rhapsody in her new tank top and me in my cropped cardigan-which now needs to be downsized due to the recent weight loss most apparent in my bosom)

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