Monday, May 3, 2010


I forgot to post for an entire month! well, well, well, I have a new job and have to work Monday through Friday like the majority of Americans, and now I am so far behind on all my projects it is ridiculous. I did finish off an adapted version of Leigh Radford's Baby Bolero (minus sleeves, because I poorly judged the amount of yarn I had!) and also used some of my new grass green and black KnitPicks Risata yarn to make my little brother his birthday hat (this is tradition now, 7 years and counting). This weekend I cast on some Berrocco Comfort yarn to make a short sleeved cardigan for myself (or mom, if it turns out too small), and I finally finished that reversible rib scarf using Fortissima sock yarn knit together with Patons Lacette yarn.
Last week, in the midst of making room for a new dryer that works and cannot be used for clever hidden storage, I realized that I had half done projects spread all over the house. They have all been combined into two picnic baskets that now reside in the living room, right next to the couch-if I am sitting, I am knitting. I still have the flame lace scarf in Malabrigo Lace in the car, and have possibly knit four rows in the last week during traffic......
Tonight I will attend the library knit night, in an effort to socialize my knitting and possibly get a few pattern rows done...I knit faster with competition!

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