Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fiber Farm Tour

Thank goodness for good friends-today I happened to have plans to come home to Port Townsend. On the way, I decided to call my bestest best friend Corinne-whom promptly asked where I was between my house and hers-almost to the Hood Canal Bridge, I say, Why?-Stop at the farm on Beaver Valley Road, somewhere near the Egg and I-Whats going on at the farm? I ask-The WSU Jefferson County Farm Tour is going on, and this year they added Fiber Farms to their map!-Yay!, I think to myself and say to Corinne, groan says my wallet.........
Oh, as soon as I have a picture I will show you, but I bought some LUVLY natural white handspun wool at Spring Hill Farms, directly from the darling old spinner-Kudos to the diehards who never let the farmsdie!!!!!

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