Tuesday, May 19, 2009

knitting across the ages

Yesterday, my sister invited me to come to her work and share some of my knits. She is the activities coordinator for a retirement community, so I was a bit hesitant-why would these ladies, most likely accomplished knitters in their lifetime, care what I have on {and off} my needles?
The worries were unnecessary-they were ECSTATIC to see a young-ish knitter using creativity to invent projects that were tailor made for the recipient. They claimed to be the faithful of strict pattern knitting, and many had even been war-era knitters that cast on many socks and sweaters for the cause
The yarns that I am using, that I have used in my six+ years of knitting, were amazing to them-apparently multicolored sock yarns that feel like butter (socks that rock) and self-striping (Noro) yarns were not around when most of the ladies were in their 'knitting prime' (sadly, many of them can no longer hold needles or manipulate their fingers successfully).
Some of the women even scooted back to their personal rooms to drag out clothing and afghans that they had knit when they were still able. My thirty minute "sharing session" turned into an hour and a half knitting centered conversation.
once again, knitters unite!

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