Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This ones for Kristi.... and anyone else confused by the slant pocket pattern

Thanks for contacting me-This was my first published pattern, and everyone that test knit my project has been knitting with me for ages and understands what I mean as opposed to what I say/write! I am flattered that you chose this particular pattern.
The bag is should look like a large rectangle, a large triangular shape, and the strap. Fold the rectangle on the turning ridges, so you have something resembling a cereal box minus sides. Pin the strap to the bag using clips, and crochet (or whipstitch) from the bottom front up, over the two short flaps bringing them together at the center corners so that they meet in the middle, and then continue on down the other side. Repeat for other side. Fold the triangle on the turning ridges, lay it on top of the bag, and begin crocheting (or whipstitching) the pockets to the bag starting at one top corner going down, across the bottom, and then up the other side.
Does that sound better?


Pinky said...

Thanks for the clarification. One more thing--you mentioned a zipper in the materials list. After felting, you would sew the zipper in between the garter stitch flaps on top of the bag, correct? Did you line the bag? And if so, did the lining come all the way up so that the zipper was sewn into it? Or was it just sewn into the knitted part? I am almost done with the knitting and can't wait to finish it up and put it to use!
Pinky R. in NH

procrastaknitter said...

Pinky- lining it is totally up to you, and I put in the zipper between the flaps, sewn flush to the inside seam of the lining. The bag doesn't need to be lined unless you are going to carry sharp pointy objects that can poke through the felted fabric-the smaller needles size makes for a denser felted fabric (approx 1/3 inch thick!)
Thanks for knitting!