Wednesday, November 5, 2008

rearranging furniture.

today, after teaching my morning class and actually completing my morning workout without stopping to talk on the phone, I decided to rearrange the living room. Mind you, my living room is not big but my furniture is. I pushed everything to the center, pushed it away, rotated it 30 degrees, pushed it to the center, and so and and so forth for two hours. In that time, however, I found 14 stitch markers, 3 straight needles and 6 double pointed of various sizes. I also found a photocopy of a pattern I must have decided I like at some point, because it was cleverly stashed between two books on the bookshelf (yes, even that was rearranged!) As I had the pattern, I of course needed to see if I had the yarn required. Hmm, surprise, I did! So, as a break from the moving although my place was littered with misplaced belongings and no longer memorable mementos that fell out during the rearranging, I cast on. Knit 15 rows on a scarf, then cast on for a sweater. WHAT! you scream in disbelief? I remembered that the in a trunk that was now my tv stand, there was a cone of alpaca from my first trip to Peru, and it was patiently waiting its turn to shine-now I am searching for patterns that I can use to knit a top down raglan sleeve sweater, and not putting my living room back together. Heres to rearranging furniture...

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