Monday, August 4, 2008

Shame on ME

I don't have any new pictures to add, and I am hanging my head in shame at my inexcusable lack of posting. I received a polite reminder phonecall from a fan the other day, and she not-so-kindly informed me that it had been over a month and a half since I had written anything. FOR SHAME, I am wagging my finger at myself in that childish antagonistic way.
I was in Peru {again} last month, and didn't knit much but was inspired often~a friend took me to a museum in Ancon, where I ogled some impeccably well preserved knit and woven clothing, ceremonial wraps, and straps. I envy his weaving abilities, he admired my sock knitting prowess, and now I feel I must get this page up to snuff before he takes a look.

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