Monday, March 3, 2008

Odessa and the tights

so the tights are pretty much done, the top for the second time. The short row shaping eluded me until the end, so I had to rip out the top and start over. They did NOT make it into the gift bag on the birthday girls' day, but she'll have plenty of time to wear them since I don't think the winter is going to be over anytime soon. Yesterday I really started knitting the Odessa hat, using the Fancy Image yarn that I bought last week-and it is a lovely piece indeed. I brought my camera to Olympia, but not the USB cables, so I can't take a picture of the work in progress... maybe tomorrow

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Jenni said...

So proud of you and the whole 6 months of not smoking. So proud I might go out and smoke a ciggy just for you!!! NOT