Monday, February 25, 2008


long long time ago, when i was young-scratch that-awhile back I was knitting a green messenger bag, and ran into some technical difficulties with the felting process-whatever should I do? well, the procrastaknitter that I am won out on that one, and up until last week that partially felted monstrosity was tied up in a plastic bag, smelling to high heaven and awaiting the journey north of the equator, to a place where washing machines were connected to hot water..................
and ta-da! a star is born! I love this bag, it is the perfect size for my many weekend trips down to Olympia-although right now it is back on the finishing board-because it needs a zipper to inhibit the insides from falling by the way side-but perfect none the less, and lots of compliments to appease its/my ego.

And another felting project, the second of the lovely Leigh Radford's felted laptop cases (Jenni has my original)-but I finally added some felted straps to this one because although I no longer own a laptop, I have a case for the next one.

So nothing too mind-blowing, but I am so happy to have these two projects felted and done that I am almost willing to go clean out my parents wool logged washing machine waterlines. but I did say almost

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Jenni said...

You have been a very busy girl. I almost feel inadequate with my one project on a hook at a time, almost.