Wednesday, December 12, 2007

still knitting

So, heres a few pictures for those that may think I have abandoned all knitting endeavors. First, the harf, as modeled by the charismatic Fany-she said it was ridiculously warm considering the weather here currently, but didn’t want to give it back. The Malabrigo scarf is looking lovely, slightly puckery but hopefully that will disappear with some decent blocking. The brown mass is the head to a future teddy bear, and the penguin that I made yesterday (in one day) has already been gifted to one of the little people in the house. Honestly, not much knitting has been happening the last two weeks, since the festival of the Virgen of Guadalupe has taken precedence over everything else-and when it ended on Monday it wasn’t a day too soon. But things are slowly returning to normal, so hopefully by next week I will have something more substantial to share.

1 comment:

Jenni said...

who is the teddy bear for? Oh for Hannah who had to endure a 9 hour car ride for her Aunt Mita!!!!