Thursday, October 4, 2007

pictures, as promised

Well, I did it, spent some sols on yarn. The alpaca that was commercially (damn you, blue sky!) available was superfine, but I have aspirations of making socks for my sisters (Ladies, that was not a promise, that was an aspiration. Don’t expect anything when I get back next year!).
I started today on a little hat for one of my nieces (keep you guessing, sisters!) at currently the yarn is knitting up at about 5 stitches per inch, DOUBLED on size 3 needles. This yarn takes superfine to a new level, and it is definitely the finest yarn I have ever used. But it is SOOOOO SOFT! Now I am searching through my current {mini-stash} of sock yarns for complementary heel and toe colors. I am working on Paul’s socks, still, slowly, slowly, sssllllooowwwlllyyyy, the instep on one and the space between heel and instep (what do you call that?) on the other.
I am now officially a member of Ravelry, thank you for the invite, I only hope I can live up to the hype that this site generates!
My/Jenni’s camera is currently going through two double A batteries a day, because the ones available down here are really weak-Just because the package says Duracell doesn’t mean that they actually are. Jenni sent me more batteries from the States, but they have yet to arrive-I am trying to avoid spending more money, which should explain the current lack of pictures-most of my battery power has been reserved for the local sites and happenings.

Okay, this post was started yesterday, but since I didn’t actually post it yesterday, here’s the update: I finished one of the lovely little hats, even sewed in all the ends and double crocheted around the edges to prevent rolling, and started the second hat. Since my sisters probably look at this site more than anyone else, they’ll be able to figure out who I am knitting for. Oh well, all the littlest girlies in the family are going to have similar hats, and the big girls and boys are yet to be started.

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Jenni said...

Since I am the only sister that reads this I am sure I will be getting some of the super super fine sky blue yarn.
I am so envious of the yarn I have seen so far.