Monday, October 15, 2007

lately, by the way...

Ahh, its been awhile. I have had one of those helter skelter weeks that turns into a long weekend, and this morning as I was sitting downstairs drinking my instant coffee, it dawned on me that I needed to do some updating. Here goes: Paul’s socks-decreasing for the toes on one, the other is somewhere around mid-foot. I cast on for the sleeves {again} of the mohair hoodie, but I’m not sure if I like the two color ribbing that I started with. I whipped out another pair of those cute little booties for I don’t know who, just had barely enough to finish the booties. I started the mohair leaves scarf again, tore out the first ten inches because I didn’t like the way the edges were curling (pattern calls for the entire thing to be done in Stockinette stitch), and I didn’t really like the leaves placement. Now it looks slightly different, with a single column of leaves up the center, and 5 stitch garter borders. My fingers have been itching to start some more socks-that darn Lorna’s Laces is taunting me from the drawer, although I know I need to finish Paul’s socks because they are begin to gray with age (kidding).
I have this sister that wants alpaca yarn for her birthday, so I am considering making a trip to Lima to see what the capital city has to offer-I am not really up for another five hour bus ride up to Cajamarca, and cruising down the Pan American highway for ten hours seemed better, somehow. We’ll see what the family has to say about that, because I think I may be able to get someone to go with me-ten hours with someone you know is better that being uncomfortably close to a perfect stranger who wants to finger your yarn.

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Jenni said...

Having your yarn fingered is like being 9 months pregnant and having complete strangers walk up and rub your belly.