Wednesday, July 18, 2007

technicolor booties

Yet another small project completed. Yesterday I had some time to myself (imagine that), so on my way home from my sisters house I took the scenic route and stopped at a couple of yarn stores. At the first store, I was amazed at the selection considering there was probably more yarn varities than residents in this particular little town. At the second store, Fancy Image, I was frustrated at the lack of DK hand dyes in particular colorways with enough yardage to make the sweater I have been planning for my cousin Maria's baby-to-be. So I had to placate myself by purchasing a "snack pack" with little mini 40 yard balls of various colorways~just enough for some little booties. which is exactly what I made. I still love this colorway the most out of all of Myra's goodies-my own favorite gloves are made from the same yarn(which I had to use the end of to finish the bottom of these booties).
P.S. I just bought a little digital camera, so there will be a lot more photos that are not taken with my cellphone....

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