Friday, June 22, 2007

packing for bus knitting

Seeing as how I never do anything in a timely manner, I waited until hours before my bus is leaving to even think about packing. I ran into a huge problem, however; I want to finish so many UFO's that they consume more space than my clothing. I packed all my clothes for two weeks of travel, plus the miscellaneous toiletries, snacks, etc. in under 15 minutes. The knitting projects are going on two hours now. Do I have enough of that yarn to finish that project? Do I need DPN's at all in this project? Should I copy down the pattern onto notecards so I don't need the whole book? And so on and so forth. These projects will be completed, plus the few hats, baby things, and coffee cup cozies that I plan to work in as future gifts on hand. Is Greyhound going to let me take two carry-ons and two checked bags, since my yarn has to be with me, and everything else can be tossed underneath?
P.S. I am taking along my copy of Welcome to the Knit Cafe, because my sister and I plan to go there while I am in California, and I want autographs. From knitters. and maybe Susan Mischer!

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