Wednesday, May 30, 2007

by the way....

Clover does replace their needles! I just stuck my warped pair into an envelope and mailed them off, anticipating the return of their less crooked, non-splintered replacements. Also, just finished felt a belt-it was initially going to be a strap for a felted bag, but then I ran out of yarn (and stumbled across a belt buckle) KaZam, the two were joined in the wash and now I have a multicolored felted belt-beauty.
This week my sister has been urging me to take photos of my work to post here-I have not yet entered the digital revolution, so my 1960's Minolta is getting the workout of a lifetime and I will need to have the film (yes, actual film) developed onto disc. A process, but I am four shots away from finishing the current roll~maybe by this weekend I can get something posted.
Baby-shrug for niece-to-be : halfway there.
Mohair Hoodie: in the batters box, body done, no sleeves
Mtn. Colors leaf pattern hat: no progress this week
Rib/Cable socks: two rnds. completed on each sock (ehh)
Pauls' Socks: still looking forlorn without any needles through the stitches -see above.
Belt: wham, bam, thank you ma'am: completed in under 24 hours ( a procrastaknitters record!)

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